These New petit pas! Tracks Will Power Your Day

I’m a little sad thinking that petit pas! is probably done posting tracks to Soundcloud now that these two are up, but eight songs? Tasty. We got a very good look at their body of work and can appreciate that they may have taken little steps to get there, but their first album was worth the wait.

Here’s the art, incidentally:

Now these final two songs:

“Prologue” is, I’m guessing, the first track, and it’s a nice pace-setter if you recall everything else we’ve heard from them, verging between pop punk and power pop and some nice rock riffs, with the obligatory synths and vocals reminding you just which country exactly this music is coming from:

Its partner “Refrain,” which I’m just guessing is the final track and therefore the other bookend, is more in that power rock vein that works so well for petit pas! It might be my favorite song that they’ve released in this run, to be honest.

Really great job with all of this, petit pas! All that’s left to do now is get out a video that does your sound justice, and we’ll be happy to keep celebrating you.

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  1. Looking forward to getting this album. Also comes out the say day as Virtual, so hooray for saving on shipping!

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