These Are New Alice Project Not-Kamen Joshi Songs

Good morning! I feel just the tiniest bit badly about not posting at all yesterday — it’s not that there wasn’t anything, it’s that I had some other things to do, intermittently, and frankly didn’t have the energy … to … type? in the in-between. I regret nothing, though, because it gave me more time to get things together coherently.

For instance, our pal Char T Saki, Alice Project source extraordinaire, had been referring me to fresh summertime tracks from the three entities that comprise Kamen Joshi. Here are —

Alice Juban, “2die4”:

Steamgirls, “sexy rabbit”:

Armor Girls, “Omoidesa LOVER”:

I’ve always by far preferred the Armor Girls sound to the rest of the Kamen Joshi constituency, so you can imagine which of these is my personal favorite.

Now, these are summer songs, so I presume that they’ve been performed live lately, and AP management just finally got around to adding these to YouTube.

2 thoughts on “These Are New Alice Project Not-Kamen Joshi Songs

  1. Thanks Maniac.
    These songs were first shown on August 13th in one man live held simultaneously at different venues for each unit.
    Then they were published for a fee at their own mobile site, and later released on iTunes.
    And finally they were released on YouTube for free.

    After this, Kamen Joshi Trainees and Slime Girls songs have already been released, and WESTs songs will be released as well.

    KJ Trainees song “kirameki” is also cool, so I’d like you to listen to them as much as possible.

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