These Are Babymetal’s U.S./European Tour Dates

Just announced this morning (or like midnight in Japan):

Southerners, especially Texans, be happy. Everybody else, prepare for the wonders of Columbus!

This, mind you, is without any accompanying release announcement, which I find incredibly odd; three straights years of performing the exact same thing? Like, Elton John can get away with that. Stevie Wonder can get away with that. Metallica can get away with that. Performers for whom every tour is an excuse to get paid to do a best-of show at every show, they can get away with that. No offense, Babymetal — I heart you — but you’re not there yet. Guess I got that one wrong. Maybe later in the year!

Nonetheless, I’m sure that every gig that can sell out will sell out, as the calculating, emotionless robots at the heart of Amuse Inc. have perfectly calibrated this tour to extract as much value as possible from fans and markets that have yet to be completely saturated with “Gimme chocolate!!”, while still somehow avoiding places like Australia and South America … and Asia.

Tickets are on sale tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “These Are Babymetal’s U.S./European Tour Dates

  1. Bold and likely inaccurate prediction: They are going to be on Warped Tour which is why this tour is the way it is!

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