There’s Something Hauntingly Romantic about merry merli

I have a big-ass event to run for work today and wasn’t sure if I’d get much of a chance to really do much, you guys, so I figured instead that a little Indie Idol Wednesday double feature might be in order.

Remember merry merli? I sure as hell do; they were a surprisingly good time for a unit that just kind of bopped into existence without so much as an excuse me, and with slightly higher production values than we usually see (though not much more exposure, fwiw). Like immediately subsequently to that discovery, they generated another MV preview and even something of an updated look, and I’m not going to go so far out on a limb as to suggest that this “rocks” per se, but it feels kind of evil and has a sufficiently diabolical name (“Lorelei of the Meridian”! It’s practically Masonic!) that hell, have a listen:

I need more dark/esoteric/arcane idols, please and thanks. They might actually be my favorite spin on the whole style.

2 thoughts on “There’s Something Hauntingly Romantic about merry merli

  1. This…is amazing. And so is that other single. And as for that album…well actually it seems rubbish. And I’m not sure about the fashion sense but if the last two singles represent the new direction and they can put out a CD of that quality then they can dress in ponchos and fish carcasses for all I care.

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