There’s Nothing Easy about HAMIDASYSTEM

This very special post about HAMIDASYSTEM was originally scheduled to run Sunday morning, only to get eaten by WordPress; it’s back!

This started off as a Weekender entry, I swear it, but the suddenly announced new single from HAMIDASYSTEM was too good to just leave sitting there. We need this in our lives:

Don’t worry; if you missed it, their live set from the Necroma show last week is still there

This was very helpfully uploaded to Soundcloud:

This is flippin’ gorgeous. It’s also about as homi as a kitten, but that’s what Sundays are for, friends — the lighter stuff.

But like the title says, this ain’t no easy tune. It borrows a lot of familiar moves from contemporary EDM, yes, but it’s so damn fat, almost unsettlingly so. I wish I had enough Japanese to get the lyrics; I wish I had enough knowledge of production how a composition like this gets put together. Like, I bagged on Babymetal’s “From Dusk Til Dawn” at the time of its release, only to come to love it as the kind of out-there thing that should be Babymetal’s stock in trade for those breather moments that albums call for. This song, man, it sets up like that, only to create that synth melody out of whole cloth and then drive for home, picking up the voices to sit shotgun along the way. Even the outro makes me smile.

So yeah. Hard as brie and increasingly ethereal are HAMIDASYSTEM, but I’m prepared to follow them to the ends of the earth.

One thought on “There’s Nothing Easy about HAMIDASYSTEM

  1. They seem to have progressed musically a long way in a short period of Time.
    Hasegawa Beet’s got a belter of a voice which you can see on any of their live footage.
    They’re my breakthrough artists of 2018. That’s of course if they don’t all graduate, get sacked, implode etc etc, as is often the way of idol.

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