There’s No Way This Friday Fun Can Possibly End In Tears

Wow, I actually managed to think of something on time for once! Let’s celebrate by admiring last week’s tweets!

This week’s fun probably won’t be very fun at all. But, to heck, we at Homicidols piss off the fandom at least once a month! Isn’t it just par for the course of alt-idol fandom to get irrationally annoyed at something at this point?

This week we’re going to watch the world burn, ladies and gentlemen, because screw it. Today, you’re gonna say something that’ll potentially cause a fanwar within this very community! Whether you believe it or not, it’s up to you. It could be anything from “Necroma don’t care about foreign fans” to “Watanabe did nothing wrong”. What ways can you think of to infuriate the whole fandom? There’s no way in hell this could possibly end in tears and potentially my retirement! This week’s hashtag is #StartAWotaFight, because if we’re gonna make people mad anyway, we might as well have some fun with it.