There’s No Greater Gift Than Fun, So Let’s Have Some with This

Hey kids! Wanna have a birthday party?



Terry’s right! We do like to mess around with opportunities to do ribald joking via the most enthralling medium of all — idols.

This is Waka, aka Wakapiku, formerly of Gekidol and Lolisyn and currently of Guso Drop. Somebody thought it’d be a good idea to let her take a few swings with Zero-chan’s barbed-wire baseball bat, and @l_lakiral_l upped the ante by sticking a word balloon on the image.

So in the interests of celebrating’s first birthday, and because it’s fun anyway and OH GOD WHY IS IT STILL ONLY WEDNESDAY, let’s put some words into Waka’s mouth! What’s really on her mind when she stands, poised to smack a fool?

You can add your/her thoughts in the comments, or you can download the image, add some words and Twitter it, or you can just reply to the tweet that I’ll send out in a few minutes, OR you can caption the sucker on Facebook. Just use #WaWords to keep it organized.

I’d say that there are no rules, but “run up to neighbors and scream your funny Waka joke at them” is probably going to get you arrested, so don’t do that. Not even over the phone.

Happy weirding!

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