There’s More DEADLIFT LOLITA This Morning, Holy Gods

Man, just when you think Thursday Hurts day might actually hurt a little bit less, along comes Ladybeard’s newest project to smash right through that presumption:

It’s so peppy! It’s so loud! I can’t make any sense of the lyrics, which is nothing new! Kerrie, this is what we get for your referencing this the other day!

I actually like “Kimiterasu Sairiumu” over “SIX PACK TWINS,” which could just as much be an effect of the project and its sound growing on me the same way that the original Ladybaby’s did last year. And the Beard, we’re pretty familiar with him by now and know what we’re getting, but Reika is still new to me, and it’s neat to see her knocking it out of the park.

You guys who follow DLL more closely, what’s going on with them? Their official Twitter’s different from most, in that it’s not mostly a list of performance schedules and backstage photos, so I don’t know who they’re gigging with, and how often, or where. But two singles and MVs in just a few months, that’s not cheap, so they must be doing something right.