There’s Fresh ayumikurikamaki Available Now Too

I think all of us were pleased that the lovable ex-bears of ayumikurikamaki made a bit of a return to form for their “Goma slipper” single, from the sound to the fun attitude of the video. The release itself happened last Wednesday, but they put out this additional MV for the B-side, and yes, ayukuma, thank you:

I don’t always associate the bears with pop punk, but it’s basically tailor made for them.

They also have a one-man tour ahead:

Ending in the latter half of October, it doesn’t leave a ton of time for a Budokan date, but I believe that the stipulation for their return to kuma goodness was that they have announced the show before the end of the year, not made it. And, of course, there are always little ways to fudge those rules to serve a purpose.

Or they’re just happy to be trapped in human bodies, and we’ll ne’er be beared again.

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