There’s Also This BILLIE IDLE MV to Talk About!


So on top of it already being busy season in idol, there have been some fairly major happenings afoot, and I am not yet just behind on all of the stuff, I am now behind on stuff that’s happened in the last couple of days. Some it’s going to have to wait! What won’t? BILLIE IDLE, for they are queens and deserving of all of our rapt attention and respect and … oh, people didn’t like this? What?


Just like that thing the other day, this song is such a victim of expectations that I kind of want to hug it. I mean, I want to hug it, anyway, because it’s a pretty nice ballady number that, plain as it is, would rank pretty highly in most groups’ catalogs, but the word out about Puulie Idle was that their music had picked up a heavier sound, a harder edge, possibly less fun but also possibly more exciting. And this isn’t that! And it’s not even what we’ve come to expect from BILLIE IDLE when they’re doing their promo thing for new albums!

And yet, I love it. Is my Uika bias showing? Possibly.

Look at how much everybody liked working on this MV:

NOT IDOL is out in three weeks; I’m praying for one all-out punk anthem before we get there.