There’s Actually a Ton of Stuff Going on with Necronomidol Right Now

By all accounts, TENEBRAE ASCENDANT was a big ol’ success for the Dark Girls, and the new “Skulls in the Stars” video rocketed right into the peloton of Video of the Year candidates, but they didn’t stop there.

First off: Fall tour in Japan!

But actually first: GOOD GOD SOMEBODY PROTECT THE CHILDREN tour of Thailand!

Theory: If New Caledonia was about taking a sweet vacation, this trip to Thailand is to either further spread the doctrines of evil OR connect with / finish recruiting these children.

When it comes to Necroma, the only logical explanation is the most evil one possible.

But even before that stuff was announced, it became possible to be among the first 50 self-sacrificed souls members of their fan club, Dark Cult(?):

Membership is now (thankfully) closed, but it’s sure to re-open at some point; that little arm band thingy will either doom or save you during the actual apocalypse, I’m sure of it, so consider if the gamble is worth your while.