There’s a New Trailer for That Trippy Girls in the Basement Project

I’ve gone ahead and professed my almost morbid interest in Samitsu Misa; her no-longer-solo-or-maybe-additional project, 地下室と少女, has been an object of fascination of its own, though, ever since it was announced and weird paw-glove things started to show up.

They tend to be involved in that halfway on its own metal/goth idol scene around Lyric Holic, hence the “actually they play a ton of gigs but are totally under the radar unless you’re watching out for it” level of attention. I enjoy it, and I’m glad that they’re having their first one-man and at least trying to make some moves.

It’s deliberately Halloween-y, in case you were wondering. That Nightmare Before Christmas vibe is like if Coal Chamber had made holiday-appropriate music for kids. Not for everybody, granted, but one could very easily say that about this entire website.

Hey, Maniac, you stole my joke!
That’s right, you ass. Go get hit by a car.

4 thoughts on “There’s a New Trailer for That Trippy Girls in the Basement Project

  1. Such an odd group. I saw them once at an idol fest, where they seemed totally out of place. But I found their performance strangely fascinating, so I got a cheki with the two ladies. Although the group was supposed to have three members? At least that’s what I gleaned from our conversation. And there are three girls on the flyer they handed to me. Quite confusing. Oh, and not only did Misa sing with a really high pitched voice, she also talked to me with a really high pitched voice. They felt more like an art project than an idol group to me.

    • That would explain so much, honestly. Also, yes, that third member … like, is she dead? Locked up? She’s still in the other promo stuff (website included), but I’ve only seen that duo for the last few weeks.

      • Yeah, it just boggles the mind. I wish I was still in Japan, so I could attend their upcoming one-man live, if only to meet their fans. (Assuming they have fans, because I did not see any at that idol fest.) Because even though I don’t speak Japanese, there’s usually “that one guy” at every idol event who speaks semi-decent English and is willing to explain shit to a clueless gaijin like me.

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