There’s a Lot of Zenkimi Going on in This New Zenkimi MV

Well if I didn’t pick a great day to commute in early! It’s been a while since the original MV release to support Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s double A-side single, when they gave us the very good “Romance Sect”, and in the intervening time there’s been an absolute rash of photography from what was obviously MV-related but at no point indicated when or even if such a thing would be delivered. I honestly started to wonder if it would be a DVD feature instead.

It’s not! Finally, today, they give us “Natural Born Independent” in all its glory:

This is wacky as hell! My very first thought was that I was absolutely not prepared for Zenkimi to do pop punk, but then they turned it all around, kept the light feeling but took a tour through Codomotropes that were, other than the chorus proper, almost randomly assembled. It’s a tough song to settle into! Codomomathcore? What a trip. I’m still coming to grips with whether I want to pretend that it didn’t happen, or if no, it’s actually the point at which Zenkimi transcends as-close-to-normal-as-they-can idoldom and become this perfect realization of themselves.

Well, it exists. All that photography was starting to make me feel like I was living in a parallel universe in which “Romance Sect” had never happened, and now we can confirm that live has very naturally moved for the last several weeks. I do find myself wishing that they’d taken this MV in a tragic, nihilistic direction as opposed to “neat set in a dusty place,” but we literally cannot win them all, and since when has Codomomental ever listened to me? Alas.