There There There’s No More Rapid-fire Album Trailer Than There There Theres’

If you’re looking for a good time with very little commitment of your precious time resources, you could do a lot worse than discovering whether you’re definitely going to be picking up the new There There Theres album, BRICKS, or whether you’re almost definitely going to be doing so. It’s just a question of personal hype level, isn’t it? In spirit if not in fact continuing on the BRGH legacy of being the queens of chika means that TTTs releases are events, man. You gotta step into that and let it hit you with all due severity.

And especially when the rapid-fire nature of the it could leave an adult human staggered and gasping for relief! It’s a lot like Arguably Greatest Punk Collaboration Ever Short Music for Short People, a glory of 30-second songs. TTTs absolutely destroyed that standard in setting a new record in Getting to Know Music By Hearing It in Tiny Snips!

Like you’ll ever get as hype hearing a three-second clip of a song that you haven’t heard before! Which, to be fair, there aren’t that many of them — this sucker’s got a lot of older tracks in there to pad it out — so it isn’t like stepping blind into the world of Seth Putnam (RIP) or when I stole that Lawnmower Deth CD from the radio station’s screener pile and was introduced to official album tracks almost as short as the time it took to read their titles.

The ones we don’t already know? They sound good! Of course they do, it’s Aqbi, you say out loud, and you’re right. I’ll be eager to see if they get around to releasing a real=deal MV to promote it, unlike the (still very good) live-only thing they did with “Snacky”. The album drops on Friday!

3 thoughts on “There There There’s No More Rapid-fire Album Trailer Than There There Theres’

  1. Almost certainly Album of the Year, well except for those funny people who think the year goes from December to November.

    I bought the Short Music for Short People CD for my girlfriend many years ago, not because she had any interest in that type of music but because she was 4 foot 11. Despite this, she still married me.

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