There Is Also BiSH News

Do forgive me for pulling a little WACK overload today, gang; it’s less my fault than an accident, and I’d ordinarily not be all over these couple of points for a regular post, but look: It’s been a minute since the last time we BiSHed! And now that I turn my gaze in their direction, hell, they’ll probably release a video on Friday or something.

Anyway! Much like their forebears/inspirations/sisters in BiS, they have a NICO NICO live come up, too, and in just a week:

We’ve seen them do these shows before as part of their IDOL vs. VISUAL thing, and it’s pretty cool; this CHAOS PARTY will probably be worth the price of your subscription.


The ever-blurring line between bands and idols has a new issue, as BiSH is going to join a band as part of said band’s upcoming multi-guest two-man tour. The band is …

DISH. Hilarious. with the details. That’s a good funny.

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