There Are Still Plenty of Hours to Download the New EMPiRE, Which You Should Probably Do

EMPiRE runs kind of hot and cold around these parts, as befits a group that was born to a major label and rarely settles on just one style (preferably loud) for its music, with that often settling for safe avenues toward record sales. It’s the moments when they try something different (or are willing to battle an anthropomorphic butt) that EMPiRE stands out. We’d like more of them, please and thanks.

Yesterday/today/whatever they embarked on their 24 HOUR PEOPLE PARTY performance, a member’s farewell and an opportunity to spin off some other new announcements. And, among them, seeing as how it’s one of the only truly fitting ways to close something like a 24 HOUR PEOPLE PARTY, they’re offering up a new track for free download … for 24 hours. Go get it while the getting’s good!

Dang, whoever broke EMPiRE, thanks

This wouldn’t be too out of place among certain other WACK groups, but it feels completely out of left field when it comes to EMPiRE, which is actually just right for them because they’re by far at their most interesting when they get a little bit weird. I could’ve gone for a track that was maybe a little bit uglier and nastier, but I’ll take it. Good job.

This is the first sound and look from the new regime, what with YUKA having just graduated, so a fresh beginning of sorts that’s now going to be honored with a one-man tour:

I wonder sometimes if WACK and avex (WAVECK) feel that this has been a successful venture, or at least one that’s reached its potential. Stuff like this is probably as good an indication as anything!