There Are Few Trainwrecks This Compelling

I was having some DM chatter with friends the other day, as one will, and it was shared that a project between community leaders was coming together, and that it would be wise to keep an eye out. Well, friends, that day is before us:

Or, specifically, today at 3:30 p.m. EST, 8:30 p.m. GMT or (my favorite part) tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. in Japan!

This whole little deal is (say it like this, it’s fun) Terry and Garry and John; that is, Facebook, Idol Is Shit and Straight from Japan. It’s the Alt-Idol Cast! I’m told that there will be jokes. I’m also told that there will be pretzels, but I’m pretty sure that Garry’s just messing with me because how are you supposed to have pretzels at a meeting that isn’t even real?

Anyway, these things are all good! We as an all of us need to do more podcasts and dance covers and (bob help us) karaoke videos and the like; give new people opportunities to catch on to something, and show them that getting into idols is perfectly normal (well, as normal as many of us can be said to be).

Go check out the Altcast today. Subscribe to the channel just like you subscribe to A-to-J’s. Potentially make your friends/spouses/younger siblings/seniors down at the rest home listen along until they admit that petit pas! was the greatest waste of idol in history.

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