The ‘WORLD END CRISIS’ Video Is Here!

Ah, the wait is over! If you’ve been waiting to see Tsurezure’s Shidare sort of manifesting as an anger demon among Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, this is your chance!

Oh yeah?

In absolute fairness, I still like the song, but we’ve heard better from both groups since this was first teased out a while ago, haven’t we? I also felt like I heard more flourishes in the production than even the most recent update, and I like this version “best,” so to speak, I ultimately feel a little bit unfulfilled. Maybe because the video’s so stripped-down?

Get it? Oh, I kill me

But this is not a place for Maniac to opine with authority; this was a pretty eagerly anticipated release, so if you feel like it needs to be in the Best Ofs, do feel free to add it!

5 thoughts on “The ‘WORLD END CRISIS’ Video Is Here!

  1. This song is simply incredible. It’s definitely one of the best collaborations of the year. I think the video has some amazing shots but I also feel like it could have been much more. There are so many great possible concepts to complement this music but I guess they chose to keep it simple so it does feel a bit underwhelming. Not complaining though, I love it!

    • Maybe the word I’m looking for “whelming.” You may have hit the nail on the head: From what we’d heard before, they could’ve done SO MUCH with a video and instead opted for a minimalist approach. So it’s not bad, but it didn’t meet the internal hype engine (this guy’s, at least), so it lands somewhere in the middle.

      • saving the budget for the MV’s they’ll drop when both albums come out I’m guessing, cant wait to see if they make an MV for Tsurezure’s doppelganger song that song is absolutely incredible!…
        Oh and Zenkimi’s new one philiaphilia and losersgospel and and and…..

        breath ramen..

        OKAY can I just take a second and say how bloody excited I am for both.
        these will be my two releases of the year, I’m nearly 100% certain.

        fanboy moment over.
        resuming normal functions.

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