The WiLD TRUMPS Don’t Seem Too Optimistic

I’m sorry, guys, for the additional political allusion, but this is even relevanter than the last one.

Remember the WiLD TRUMPS? That fun, punky, spunky, skadol descendant of Mecha High? They had their first one-man on Sunday … and are already calling it quits:

Well, “quits” under that name, at least.

Honestly, can somebody explain how it is that one idol group full-on adopted another country’s presidential candidate as sort of a conceptual point, while another made hay with a video endorsement that still defies explanation because it was never brought up again except by Western fans?

Anyway, for whatever the TRUMPS do turn out to be, I hope they keep the sound, because it’s really fun. They don’t even need to change very much about themselves except the group’s name and maybe some of their weird member backstories. Or hell, keep the name and re-launch with a casino theme or something. I dunno.

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