THE WiLD TRUMPS Are Neither a Typo Nor a Joke

Remember when Kamen Joshi not only endorsed Donald Trump for president, but sent Trump-sama their high energy? I sure do! But the Republican presidential nominee has even more support than that from the ranks of idols; indeed, he has a group just flat-out named after him!

I can’t. No.

I mean …

Meet THE WiLD TRUMPS, who bill themselves as a group of Americans bringing a message to Japan via “melodic hardcore,” which is a fun term for sure. TGU, on the other hand, calls them a trainee/side project of Aoyama☆Saint Hachamecha High School (who themselves can get a little interesting musically but also have some of that Bad Idol stuff associated them). Given that the members individually have thousands of followers and the TRUMPS as a whole barely have more than me, I’d say that “side project” is pretty likely.

They debuted just a few months ago (which makes sense), and they’re having their first one-man on the Sunday before Election Day:

I imagine that they’ll cease to be THE WiLD TRUMPS on or about Nov. 12, or maybe The Donald actually wins and then this punky little idol unit will suddenly find itself significantly notorious.

I do encourage you to visit their Twitter feed, which is basically a bunch of member introductions, ascribing some bonkers-ass backstories to explain how they got to Japan and into this whole thing. It’s like that creepy band thing, only much more likely to not be a weird person’s hoax.

Either way, fun tunes!

9 thoughts on “THE WiLD TRUMPS Are Neither a Typo Nor a Joke

    • Did you ever see this cinematic masterpiece?

      Great line about needing to get uniforms, but “all the good colors have been taken … maroon and white, white and maroon …” Gets me every time.

      But maybe that’s what happened.

  1. That kamen joshi publicity stunt disappointed me, made me lose interest in them & not want to listen to their music or anything from alice project anymore.

    This group’s name seems like another lame publicity stunt to me & I wiill not listen or support this kind of B.S. in the idol scene.

    • It’s absolutely a publicity stunt. And it’s working! Granted, they have the advantage of being connected to a well-known parent group, but they’re still getting booked at some pretty notable stuff … to say nothing of the fact that this is rapidly becoming one of the most widely shared and clicked-on posts in the entire history of the site. I thought a few folks would get some chuckles out of it, “oh look at the silly idols doing a silly thing,” but man, this sucker’s popular.

      • I think it’s pretty funny. Whatever they need to do to get noticed, the stranger the better I think.

  2. Have you heard Aoyama’s “Mecha High” song? It’s honestly their best by far, definitely their most inspired release. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s into idol music.

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