The WiLD TRUMPS Are Dead; All Hail … What?

Regardless of the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, THE WiLD TRUMPS had slated themselves for a Nov. 26 live demolition, which they billed as a death and rebirth. I thought, hey, this is a spin-off from Aoyama St. Hachamecha High School, it’ll probably get a refresh because the angle will be kind of stale after the election (and weird if Trump wins!), but I bet not much changes and …


They actually streamed a good portion of what turned out to be the group’s last live on Periscope:

Make sure to stick through to the end (or skip there, whatever wets your whistle).

Spoiler alert, two … beings? figures? join the TRUMPS on stage at the very end. One is a hippo-headed something or another; its apparent partner is Buddha?

Who/whatever they are, they’re currently in charge of the TRUMPS transition team, because that makes oodles of sense. And I mean, it does, kind of, because original TRUMPS members have moved on to SWEET CUTIE LOVELY DELUXXX (Twitter) (how many, I don’t know) while others (I think?) have been moved on up to Mecha High. THE TRUMPS’s own Twitter account has been all but completely gutted of any history or activity; it is, in fact, a Twitter egg.

What matters, if anything even does now that we’ve officially gone all the way through the looking glass, smashed it behind us and set the whole thing on fire, is that the TRUMPS appear to be continuing in some form or another; they’re having auditions:

Presuming that the hippo and Buddha are both the only current members, I’m not sure that I actually want to know what comes next.