The Whole World (okay, a few other people) Is Excited about Dots

They’re constantly pumping out video content, so I’m sure that I’m timing it wrong again on the enigmatic Dots (or ………, as they prefer to be called), but I’m completely in love with all of this.

First, they kind of have a physical release!

That’s a CD that comes (I think; the listing is weird) with the latest issue of what would probably be my favorite magazine in the world if I could get it, Trash-Up!!, the publication of the promotion company / indie label that launches a lot of really cool idol projects. They’re even kind of helping to launch Dots! Think about buying it! Actually, see below in the comments, this is how you buy that disk, and it is pretty darn loaded!

It actually gets even better, though:

This interview in Ototoy is amazing, even with crappy translation apps. One, the Dots are all respectively referred to as dots. Two, well, read the whole thing.

And if you had any doubts that this project is on a completely different level when it comes to performance:

I can’t even.

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