The Very Best Shoes for Hard Idoling

There are four basic categories of hardol footwear, but which is right for you and your style of idoling? To burn those calories most effectively you need to sport the right gear, so today we’ll start our head-to-toe series covering idol workout essentials with the feet.  It’s gotta be the shoes! 

Let’s start with the preference of kawaii metal and hardcore units:


With a boot, you get a solid, flat base for stability and options for a wide toe drop, but pay attention to cushioning. Dr. Marten’s famous Airwalk soles have inspired songs and supported groups like BABYMETAL and NECRONOMIDOL during their marathon sets.

For a stylish look in the gym or on stage, try the Triumph 1460 with a silver buckle accent, but for no-nonsense performance, we recommend the more lightweight Talib Brando Chukka. If you need full-coverage ankle support you may have to go off-brand, but look for a flexible knee-high riding boot.

For a more lightweight and comfortable option, look to the preference of many post-punk or alt-rock units like BiSH and Yanakoto Sotto Mute


While sneakers offer the ultimate in weight and comfort, be careful of the light mesh materials of casual options that will be shredded by the intensity of an idol workout.  You may also want to avoid the high drop (elevation of heel vs. toe) of running shoes that can put stress on the calf and ankle during dance routines.

The other thing to pay attention to is look.  Some sneakers are simply horrendously ugly so be sure to avoid any shoe outside the boundaries of kakkoi or kawaii,or that has been endorsed by an athlete charged with a violent felony.

If neither of the above options work for you there is always the footwear favored by the likes of Hanako-san and Pikarin:

Relics of the Cursed or Damned

Try contacting a shikigami or to bargain for a relic or charmed set of footwear.

Hanako-San's Shoes

Prices vary widely, but bargains may require your soul (if you haven’t already given it to your oshi) or blood, which you can find in the veins of just about anyone wandering around your neighborhood.  

If that doesn’t work for you then, screw it:

Bare Feet

Save money and time in the locker room by letting your dogs run around naked. Favored by groups like Yukueshirezutsurezure, the only downsides are more opportunities for splinters and fewer opportunities for endorsement deals.

In Conclusion

As we kick off April, it’s a fools hope that this day’s report will assist you in your footwear needs. Please look forward to next week’s article where I interview a sock.