The Tsurezure “Post-Catastrophe” Notes, Part II

What is it with sequences today? At any rate! Our anonymous benefactor has provided translation to the second part of the notes on Yukueshirezutsurezure’s Post-Catastrophe album, as shared by Codomomental’s management on their blog.

Speaking of, the lyrics for the title track have been added to that MV post!

Oh, and Part I is here

This is such good stuff, you guys.

Good evening everyone. It’s codomomental (W). This time it’s the latter part.

Previously, I asked GesshiRui to write YukueShirezuTsureZure’s 1st album “PostKatastrophy’s” liner notes (or something like that) to the company blog.

Because it became long, we split it into two parts (I didn’t believe he would write this (cry)) so here’s the second part. (laughs)

Ok, I will hand over to him now.

This is GesshiRui

How are you doing, everyone? My confused days continue. In a good way. I’m still writing a lot of lyrics, even though it’s almost the end of the year. Since there’s a lot of things to do next year, i’m still writing.

So with all that going on, here’s the liner notes that I promised. Time to drop for you without delay

M6: Nietzsche to Gikyoku

Syva’s really hardcore number is here! How do you put “idol-like” lyrics into this in the first place? That tormented me, but in the end it was impressive. Or to say, when i remember the thought “can tsurezure’s music be perceived as being idol like?”. I felt relieved I realized that.

In the writings of Nietzsche, this kind of line appears: Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. Perceiving that like the saying “Many go out for wool and come home shorn” from that is ok or understanding literally is also ok.
The interpretations differ between peoples. However, what is the “abyss”? That was something I wanted to put focus on.

My own thorough interpretation is that abyss in this case is yukueshirezutsurezure. You over there who stares at tsurezure, is being gazed back by them due some wonder of miracle. This is something that you feel whenever you face any kind of music.
As long as you put your words into motion, someone will be there to receive it. To say it simply, the chorus has been written as a message to everyone who comes to tsurezure’s gigs. I wonder if they get it..

To say it even more simpler, in the language of tsurezure, the song says “play with us!”. Simple, right? Wait, you still can’t see everything so simply. We have to battle our demons together to clear that abyss. Tsurezure members are shy, so they are bit reluctant to say things straightly. That’s why this song is saying things in a roundabout way.

Finally, I personally that the poetry reading style of this song is pretty good. (laughs)

M7: Indy Skin

“What’s the meaning of the title?” Indie skin, the song that had people asking me that question a lot of times. In terms of BPM and being mid-tempo, I think this is one of more varied works of TsureZure. Despite that, it became a really deeply close song for me.

If you would start literally interpreting, the song would emanate an ambiance like: “The body that gained independence”. To say it in the language of tsurezure, the unique formation that is tsurezure, all of it’s members share the same independent ideology and feelings, furhtermore the bodily feelings.

I feel that tsurezure should continue being something like that. Not bowing to anyone, not taking shit from anyone, not flattering anyone, being independent all the way is what I want them to be.

Tsuya sings a line “each tales that are told”. That itself is what tsurezure is. Kokoko is the heart of this song, If she wouldn’t sing here, I wouldn’t have been able to write this. And following all of the actitivities until now, this song wouldn’t have been complete without Komachi’s dance (choreography).

There are no screams. Even if it’s a mid-tempo song with no screams, I am certain the girls can represent the song in their own way.

In the time I was writing, I was constantly imagining Komachi dressed up as a court jester. The girl who wouldn’t believe in dreams, who wouldn’t have anything to say, who wouldn’t even cry. She would just be standing in my imaginations without any expression.

Seeing that vision, I thought that it was funny yet beautiful, humanlike. The end result was completed to have all of the members be involved in the representation. The finished product was in the end different from what I had imagined. I was glad that it was different. I really love this song.

M8: Six Fall Roar

Whenever I’m writing lyrics, I’m never given directions on how I should write a song. Six fall roar was a song like that, but in a rare way that person was also involved in the thought process. Before the lyrics were even written, the title of the song was decided for me. The kanji is read “six fall roar”. But we thought it was read “Rikurakyou”. I see. We’re thinking troublesome things.

I looked into the meanings of the kanji and also looked at live footage of Shidare and Komachi.

Above all, I was reminded of the extremely humane yet clumsy That Person. The face that would cry alone without telling anyone. It’s a song with emotions rolled up without a feeling of disconnect. A song about moving forward with reckless determination and a song about separation.

Since this was the first single, I placed it in a far place in my mind. I wonder how everyone felt about it? If the strong feeling of not letting anything go and just going forward was transferred, I would feel happy. It’s ok if it’s an emotional piece. It’s a greedy song.

However, that greedy song, with the foundation of greed toughly expressed by Shidare and violently expressed even in the soft moments by Komachi, added with the personalities of Tsuyame and Kokoko, is breaking out that extremely strong will without any care for the intentions of the two members that left or other things like that.

To say it bluntly, a tsurezurelike song.

They’re really pure, tsurezure that is. Consequently, they’re traveling. Even if they’re wounded, as long as you are there. This is a song that really wants you to be there for them with all your might. My final hope for this song is, that wherever those two that left are, they’re listening happily with a smile on their face.

M9: World flood Moment

I, GesshiRui, have not written this song. (laughs) Forgive me, as this will be an opinion piece. The lyrics were written by Shounen ga Miruku (milcboy). As always, a genius. As always, unique. That’s really something, huh. First off, the line “tattoo of a tear drop, already a memorial” killed me. My mind traveled to Mexico. (laugh).

The lyrics written by Shounen ga Miruku, even a single line has a certain type of violence to it. While it’s really punk, while it’s really rock, while it’s really pop, it’s really alternative. Because that fits with the style of tsurezure, I find my self always waiting for that 1 song she writes.

There was this quite amusing phrase: “the compensation of a performer is a 2 000 000 picasso”. Even though it’s a metaphor, I asked her “how much is that in Japanese yen?”. “I’d say around 200 000 000”. I really erupted in laughter at that. (laughs) A total diss. Oh, not towards tsurezure. Towards a certain kind of artist. (laughs).

I’m jealous. The jealousy towards singers being able to sing this persons songs.

The composition is minimalistic digital music. That is also pretty large manifestation of anti-ism. Certainly a challenge that ridicules you.

I asked that person: “Why is this song the 9th song?”. After thinking a while, he responded with a funny face: “because it’s a mortifyingly angry song”. When I made a “?” type of reaction, he continued: “Kazuki is attacking, Shounen ga Miruku is attacking. So I thought, how I would attack and make an impact? So i thought “let’s bury the modern world”.

Ah, I see. Lodged between the track 8, six fall roar and track 9, ikishinigairon. A wordsmith he is.

M10: Iki Shi ni Gairon. (Introduction to dying)

I remember writing this during the time when there were a lot of business trips and so on, a memory of being a first time on Shinkansen only remains. I really didn’t have any concious memory of writing.

It’s sudden, but I don’t really like jumping to settle. It’s not that i don’t want to understand, I just personally feel that it’s not a good thing to live that being settled is a good thing. The words in the lyrics really strike a chord with me.

Human life isn’t beautiful. Instinctively thinking, We fight, but for what? But, we fight. You and I fight. I want to consider this and I want to make you consider about it. How can i reach your mind? How can i reach the bottom of your heart?

The generally and morally accepted, friendly addressing smile, the scene where everyone is crying out of happiness is extremely dazzling. It’s painful. It’s unpleasant. That said, with knowing the worst ways, even if I wounded you, I want to be in your thoughts.

Even if I wound you, I want to you visit my mind. Those feelings that can’t be helped are quite humanlike, don’t you think?

The fragile, weak myself, I’ve thought about killing it so many times. So many times buried in my imagination.

Those kind of repeating thoughtchains I wanted tsurezure to express. syva composed a suitable song to fit those thoughts. This song might be very painful to sing. But i want it to be sung. I suppose this is a burden that only tsurezure can bear with no comparison.

That type of song became the last track of the album. That kind of tsurezure is awesome is my simple feeling.

That’s it for the liner notes for all of the 10 songs.

Listening to all of the songs on the albums gives a weird feeling. Just when you think you know the answers to YukueShirezuTsureZure, they change the answers.

Album is released on December 7th, but you can get it from stores on the 6th. I look forward to everyone buying this album. There’s also a tricity tour for promoting the album. You should give a look at the evolved tsurezure. You really should.

I thank you for reading this.

No, thank you.

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  1. Just had my first full listen to the album and I am impressed. As expected it is an awesome album! Incredible compositions and excellent production throughout. It’s a short album that clocks in around 40 – 45 minutes but every song is unique and performed exceptionally well. I like how certain songs like “Pledge Hirari”, “Indie Skin”, and “Word flood Moment” adhere to a constant overall sound and vibe to provide a cut of variance to the harsh experimental schizophrenic type of sonics Tsurezure is known for. I can actually see “Word flood Moment” being played at a rave or EDM party. Nothing bad to really say about the album. If you are familiar with their music already then it delivers exactly what you are looking for. Cool music and great replay value.

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