The Stakes Are Higher Now: Corenament Round 2, Day 1

Well, gang, I feel like we dodged a bullet — a weird, bot-addled bullet — yesterday, but I also feel confident that the results we got were the ones we were going to have gotten anyway.*

Now it’s on to Round 2, the Round of 32, with half of the field having been eliminated and … wow. Look at the 32 we have left. There are a few lesser lights, that’s true, but would you feel terribly uncomfortable if anybody left at this point were to win? Not I. And we’ve dropped some big names along the way!

We’re back to Harajuku and Nagoya for brackets today, and we’ll tackle the other half tomorrow before moving to a slightly different schedule for next week … and then it’s on to the Final Four in Akihabara!

Harajuku Region Review

There wasn’t a whole lot of drama in Harajuku, as the higher seeds almost universally took care of business … except poor Devil ANTHEM, who got shellacked by the probably-seeded-too-low JyuJyu. The only close match at all was Nippon Budokan holding off a late surge by Tokyo Rockets.

Intriguing matchups are where we are now! Expect Babymetal to top the scene of arguably their most iconic concert series, but PASSPO-Zenkimi, Aina-Sari and Pikarin-JyuJyu are all prime pairings that should yield plenty of agony for you, the voters, and amusement for me!

Nagoya Region Review

Favorites largely took care of business in Nagoya, too, though there were three upsets-by-seed, and almost a fourth as poor PIIIIIIIN nearly edged out A-minor Records for the ever-dramatic 15-over-2 upset … but, on the day that they announced their disbandment, of course that didn’t happen.

What remains is full of potential. Top seed NECRONOMIDOL against PassCode leader Minami Nao will test many fans; Moametal vs. Chitti is a fight between fan bases; Babyraids and ayukuma are some of the most fun things in idol, period; and A-minor vs. Megumi is basically a management battle. Love it.








Good luck!

*That’s about 90 percent true. Accepting the re-voting was generally the fairest way to go, but BiSH and NSLE may have gotten hosed. That being said, where fans showed up, idols won, and FRUITPOCHETTE in particular showed up.

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