The Perils of Indie Idol: Namahamu to Yakiudon in Trouble

This is a sad story, regardless of how you feel about indie idol’s comedic dynamic duo.

You may have heard, but Nanahamu to Yakiudon were making a guest appearance at an event the other night. When they took the stage, it was tears and confessions and … well:

Here’s the blog post explainer. Loss of trust between the two members, high levels of stress, no management to keep things organized (and the members sane) … it’s sad for a lot of reasons. For the people involved, it’s sad to possibly lose something they worked so hard to build, lose a friend, lose fans; for the fans, it’s sad to possibly never get to see a widely beloved and wholly unique duo on stage again.

What’s extra sad about it is that this could happen to basically anybody. We probably all have our personal favorite indie idols, self-produced projects that start off for the fun of it and turn into something a little more serious, maybe even getting to the point of a legitimate place in a very crowded scene. Now imagine that favorite coming apart at the scenes, dropping that on you from the stage and announcing that they’re on effective indefinite hiatus at least until they can get their stuff sorted out.

I hope Nanahamu to Yakiudon make it back. They’re cool, fun, funny people who bring a completely different kind of show into idol, and they used the classic combination of natural talent and hard work to get to where they are.

5 thoughts on “The Perils of Indie Idol: Namahamu to Yakiudon in Trouble

  1. Damn, this is really bumming me out. After their collaboration with Oomori Seiko, I thought things were getting better than they ever were before. I honestly hope that not necessarily the group, but their friendship also works out. They had/seemed to have a great chemistry and it’s not something you stumble on that often in life.

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