The Newest Marionet Is All the Fun You Can Handle on a Monday

I hate to be that guy who wags his finger and admonishes people for having independent tastes, for pursuing self-fulfilling interests and activities. I mean, I’m a random American anti-weeb who makes a big ol’ idol website doodad happen. Who am I to judge?

That being said, I’m ashamed of all of you for the insufficiently ecstatic response to the emergence of Marionet, who I remind you haven’t even debuted yet and are already pulling on my heartstrings because, like, they’re putting out music to preview and it’s good!

If the first one was enough to whet your appetite, maybe “Galaxy Dance Dance!” here can slake your thirst in addition:

The cynic in me wants to propose that we have Marionet trade this, at least in part, with BILLIE IDLE, or to find out who crept undetected into Melon Batake a go go’s headquarters to steal this song. What a nice time! Another great example of how old-timey rock n’ roll and idol can go together like lamb and tuna fish peanut butter and jelly. I can only imagine what this looks like on stage, with some semblance of choreography and my girl Fumimi belting out her lines like a boss.

Honestly, it’s a roll of the dice at this point to see who’s the best debut of 2018. The field is incredibly stacked.