The New Video from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Is Shockingly Tame, Lovely

We’ve heard the song before, but I’ve been eagerly waiting for the video for their new single, “Boku Tabetamo Kimi no Subete wo” (“My Gifted Feast is Your Entirety”), since they first started to share that they were filming. Kiminosei’s MVs are … they go for the throat.

That’s not so much the case here, is it? Unless I’m missing something, this is really more of a staged day-in-the-life kind of piece. I’m somewhat surprised to see them outside during daylight hours, as I always figured that sunlight would melt them. I guess they’re human after all!

Still, cool denpacore song that sticks with the normie-friendly side of their repetroire, and definitely their most visually beautiful. The media coverage cites the director, Yasukawa Yuka, as if that’s a person of some note, so I guess we can at the very least take “we hired a famous director” as a very good sign for the group’s (and company’s) financial health.

And now we wait for the sure-to-be-disturbing B-side …