The New Toricago Is Hype

We’ve gone through quite a bit as loudol fans in these early months of 2019. Hell, being even passingly familiar with the idol scene in general has been an invitation to a shitshow lately. It’s wild, and a lot of the established names and faces that helped to form our community’s sense of stability have been through a brutal wringer.

Things do have a silver lining, though, and maybe this year’s apocalypse of loss and sadness and rage can be laid next to the ongoing emergence of a new generation of talents who are stepping up in all kinds of interesting ways. And in that group we can include Toricago, who I would be remiss to not point out as being just barely over a year from their debut but are operating on such a professional and well-executed and sort of nouveau-fresh level that I’m shocked that they haven’t completely conquered all before them yet.

Folks absolutely went off on Saturday when the group dropped this latest MV, which isn’t connected to their most recent (excellent) album, but is a limited single (until the next album, obvs) that necessitated heading to Hong Kong to shoot apparently. I had to skip it for two straight days because I was going in too many directions at once to try to put real attention on something, but now I’m here and brother am I ever glad I am:

Now, it took me almost 48 hours from the first hyperventilating accolades bursting through my feed to actually get to watch this, and goodness knows that I have a mess of hype-worthy things to deal with right now in like all media, so one must as a matter of simple psychological survival temper all that hype with a strong dose of counter-hype. “Oh how good could it be” is one such coping tactic!

But did this live up to that hype? It did, and not in the ways that I expected. I guess it says something for Toricago that somebody dropping the dreaded N-S-F-W descriptor in a description had my figurative ears ready for the klaxons of an air raid — they’ve deftly pushed envelopes without going all the way on the nose that I very literally expected roughly double the amount of exposed skin that is in the video — but I didn’t come away with any disappointment because I was able to really get into the tune, which is super and very J-rock to these more experienced ears.

And does it pair well with the video? Friend, it does, and said video, stripped of expectation on subsequent views and taken on its own merits, really does have a point. Did it take a few viewings for me to get that? Friend, it did, and not the least because of the language barrier either. Like the joke that had me rolling on the floor last night, it’s probably best not to explain, but to ask the confused person wondering why I’m reacting the way I am to think it through.

tl;dr: I came in expecting one thing and got something different and it was still super great, hooray for Toricago for being worthy of all hype.

Here’s an excellent clip of theirs from a release event: