The New sugartrap EP’s Arrival Can’t Come Soon Enough

Yes, friends, I am excited about sugartrap at any point that they’re doing active things like recording music (which they do occasionally) and performing live (which they do all the time). I’d prefer to wait a little bit for a real-deal MV to sprout wings and fly into my face closer to the release date of this record, but I’m also wont to force-feed you sugartrap (it’s good for you!) and will not be wroth should they be posted twice in quick succession.


Further proof that Osaka idols are best idols

Yes, that’s out in … well, the end of next week. I can’t count. Just, if you like lots of heavy beats and idols who do promo photos with motorcycles, you should get this. And, after getting it, you should show it to all of your friends, especially the ones who deny the supremacy of Kansai region idols.

Can we also please isolate that cover for a second?

Thanks. That’s the good stuff. This is all good stuff.