The New Party Rockets GT Has a Very Aspirational Title

I guess the human embodiments of kawaiicore didn’t want to let Christmas get away without pumping us full of good cheer.

Resemblances to Green Day hits entirely intentional!

We literally just found out about this album release, and here’s the lead already. It’s certainly a big step further than the trailer for their one-man!

FWIW, I had to look it up (on my own site, thank you very much), but this is GT’s first album but the second for Party Rockets — the original put out Triangle more or less as Akari’s final bit of business before being moved to the ha-joke’s-on-you-now GALETTe. That they’re approaching their fifth year of existence and starting 2017 with an album and did a lot of good work in 2016 … could be a good one!