The New Necronomidol Outfits, Annotated

As announced at their most recent live and in this recent post, Necronomidol’s new lineup has been revealed. Along with it came a new look!

Since I had more feelings than could fit in a tweet, I figured I would annotate what I like and dislike about these new costumes.

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My main qualm with the new costumes is that they don’t seem unified. I am mitigated to say the least. I thought I would provide examples of what *I* think could be better alternatives, in a badly photoshopped version.

General impressions: The white shirts have to go. Burgundy or a similar red to the other parts of the costume would look better.

Himari’s garters over her skirt are extraneous, I think. The skirt already mixing transparency and an opaque shorter layer is more than eyecatching enough.

I am not a big fan of shiny things, but they can work if not every other bit of the outfit tries to be the main piece. That’s why I replaced Rei’s lace shirt with a similarly stretchy and comfortable shirt that would better complement the Gothic Lolita feel of the costume. I am still not over this wonderful cage skirts.

Michelle and Kakizaki’s all-black outfits look fine, but they would mix in better with touches of the same red as the other members. I think Okaki’s shoulder feathers might have some red in them already, but I added more to my heart’s content. A quick change of lace for Michelle’s boots would immediately make the link clearer with the other outfits.

Kunogi Hibiki’s outfit is … I don’t understand what you were going for. The shoulder pads with frilly suspenders are really quite something. I think the lower trim of the skirt should be the same red as the other one.

Because I am both a completionist and unwilling to spend extra time on my crude photoshop (it wouldn’t be as fun!), I figured I would use pictures of what I envisioned could be viable alternatives or inspiration.

I thought this blouse would be adorable on the elegant Himari:

Rei’s costume would be lovingly complemented with princess sleeves:

Should the oversized sleeves be the key point of the outfit, I thought this Na+H Garter Cutsew was a good fit as well:

Now, depending on what Hibiki’s costume is trying to channel, it could go in very different directions. The one depicted in the photoshopped version is heavily inspired by this Sheglit “Servent” skirt:

If the key point is the corset, why not go for a corseted one piece?

For something completely different but that fits with the other outfits, a black skirt with a red lining would also look great!

These clothes photos are used for reference of silhouettes only and these links are not sponsored. Atelier Pierrot does ship internationally if you’d like to get one of these pieces!

You can access the item’s page on their online store by clicking through

Will the controversial reception of these costumes (from what I have seen on Twitter so far) lead to modifications? Who knows! But Necroma graduating from the schoolgirl uniforms means they’re serious and ready to slay.

3 thoughts on “The New Necronomidol Outfits, Annotated

  1. photoshopped version is a lot better. still not my taste, but it wont bother me then,
    i do think Okaki’s dress is too long, like the old one just a little higher seems like a safer option to me, this one seems enough to be stepped on. (i think, have to admid i have no experience wearing skirts.)

    i will miss the previous outfits, they had a Maruo Suehiro vibe to em. fit them much better i think.
    new outfits are so in your face, and they emit a certain image which isnt them. if i didn’t know them and saw this as a promo picture i wouln’t even bother to check them out.

  2. The new Unis are a Departure, but copy and pasting new members into another uniform would be disrespectful and kinda lame. I would guess more standard stuff next EP or album maybe? I still miss the white temple- maiden garb myself.

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