The NEMLESSS Horrors That Await Us

I don’t want to speak for anybody else, but yours truly is still in recovery from that whole Sari’s-moving-on-with-her-life’s-work thing, so NECRONOMIDOL gets me feeling a little bit jaded at the moment. This of course was delightfully ripped asunder by the revelation that:

  1. There’s a new release in the works
  2. It’s coming in December
  3. There’ll be a release live
  4. It involves none other than the NEMLESSS solo power electro-idol herself, Utane Yuki

/record scratch


As soon as I saw this, my brain made the sound of a shotgun pumping. I am on record as being an enormous mark for Yuki’s work (all of it), and I’m still put out that the announced project of hers and Sari’s didn’t seem to pan out at the time that it was announced. This gives the former travel buddies a chance to make good! Maybe it also presages Sari’s post-Necroma work, which by implication could potentially be the most batshit thing imaginable — or unimaginable, as the case may be, as mortal minds’s capacity to fathom such wanton darkness is limited at best.