The Monday Match Game Returns with a Request

Friends, we’ve done a lot of voting lately, and you might be like “No, Maniac, not another stupid poll,” but a) isn’t life better when you just ignore things that you don’t like?* and b) what if it were the stupidest one yet?

See, now that the Corenament has reached its shocking conclusion, it’s time to come back to the Monday Match Game, everybody’s favorite Monday-and-also-into-Tuesday activity. And Brian, who is clever and good, managed to put into words what I hadn’t managed to turn into a coherent thought pretty much ever:

I don’t know about fans, or even fan if “clamoring” is the criterion, but let’s do this thing!

In the red corner, hailing from … Japan, all of 18 years old and something like 90 pounds, hip retro-synth-80s-and-stuff-idol KOTO! And in the blue corner, hailing from Van Nuys (ha!) and weighing in at a combined metric tonne, Rock & Roll Hall of Famers and somewhat-actually-in-real-life-concurrent-prog+-rock band TOTO!

Going forward, what kinds of matchups would you like to see in the Monday Match Game? Remember: Puns and ridiculous dichotomies are a sure way to win the hearts of people everywhere!

*For the sake of others, I tried to watch every Harry Potter movie plural times, and fell asleep literally every one of those times. Ergo, I leave the Potterverse to people even nerdier than me.

3 thoughts on “The Monday Match Game Returns with a Request

  1. Coco (Gang Parade) vs Cococo (NSLE)
    Jap BiS vs Scotch bis
    Passcode vs PASSPO☆
    Megumi (MBG) vs Moga (Dempagumi) (name’s not that similar but boy do they look alike)
    and when you’re really scraping the barrel:
    Up Up Girls vs Neve Slide Down

  2. OR
    Best video featuring each of the following alt-idol MV clichés:
    A long empty road in industrial/docklands area
    An empty warehouse
    Shibuya Scramble Crossing

    Plenty of choice in each category!

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