The Monday Match Game Is Old vs. New

Sorry for taking a few weeks off again, gang! Don’t worry; Chris’s bonkers-ass suggestions will get their day in the ring.

That being said, I was a little bit unsure about how I wanted to proceed today. After yesterday’s unfortunate choices, I was thinking about doing Kamen Joshi vs. Al Jolson, but I thought that people might miss the joke and/or not have any context, and I figure that letting Amina kind of run with it is the smarter move anyway, so.

Instead, we have Terry:


This brings up questions about BiS! As in, which is better, old and new, and which is best out of the umpteen iterations thereof?

In one of the four corners, the collection that started it all and only lasted a few months! Opposite them, the Quintet that set the scene! Kind of between them, the group that went out as legends! And staring at everybody else kind of dumbly while also wondering if they should be stealing a member from across the ring and/or getting some outside help, the newly updated modern version!

Four iterations of like 35 total idols enter, and is anybody going to get out of this alive?

I can hear you already, and leave me alone, I had to pick between primary iterations because making the bigger joke work would’ve taken forever to put together right, and the most current BiS technically doesn’t exist yet, so there

4 thoughts on “The Monday Match Game Is Old vs. New

  1. The Tentenko, Megumi, First Summer Comerant Squid and Kami “Sweet Dreams” Saki are too stronk.

  2. Can any of the half dozen or so people who voted for BiS 4.0 please explain their workings? Because while I agree wholeheartedly with Terry – once I’d finally got over my disappointment that they were not exploring new sonic frontiers, there is still a decent idol-pop-rock group to be enjoyed – it’s another stretch again to say this is the best they’ve ever been! Genuine question BTW, I’d love to hear the perspective of someone who thinks they’re at their peak right now.

    • Depends on what people consider a peak, peak in popularity? Peak in exploiting there gimmick for maximum publicity? Or just peak in musical creativity?, because the songs all sound like scrabbles songs to me I’m not really getting much of different vibe except they’ve dropped the edgy anti idol front which was all a facade in the first place

      • I think we’re all aware that everything in Idol (and the entertainment industry in general) is a facade but many of us enjoyed that “edgy anti idol front” and certainly did perceive it the songs. The current group would not do anything like STUPiG, ASH, BiSKaidan or even fun “non-edgy” stuff like (personal favourite) Magnolia. Conversely any new BiS song would have slotted in just fine on the old albums, it’s just that they used to do so much more.

        This is why I was baffled that some people think nu-BiS are not just good (which they are – Re:STUPiD is a fine record) but apparently better. But from what you’re saying, some people think it’s not different and all equally good so let’s support the current line up? That’s cool if so, just wanted to understand where people were coming from on this.

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