The Monday Match Game Gets Mad

Some questions have puzzled our finest minds for centuries.  What is the meaning of life?  How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?  Why is Ed Sheeran popular?  Who are the maddest idols?

Well this week we attempt to find an answer to the last of these examples.  Three groups claim to be MAD, and together we are going to pick one of these to be the ultimate Mad Idols!


Formed from the ashes of MAD VIOLET, with an album called FUCK FOREVER, this lot have to be serious contenders for the mad crown.


Released one of the best raved-up EPs of the year in the form of MAD or DIE but then sadly picked “DIE” as they have elected to disband this coming August.


Finally for your consideration, we have these relative newcomers who describe themselves as “crazy, dependent” idols.

Pick the one you feel is the maddest, or just the one you like best, and let’s see who are the true Mad Queens of Idol.