The Monday Match Game Asks You to Choose the Destructor

Welcome back to the Monday Match Game, friends! Yes, it is here and only here where you’ll be asked to pit idol against idol or idol against completely attenuated pun-based foe for the purposes of merriment and/or me aggregating information on how better to connect idols with people who don’t like idols yet. It’s great fun!

Last week, Spark faced Spark (but not Sparks) in the re-kick-starting of this weekly ritual; Spark won. This week, I turn to something immediately contemporary and fun, something that has tongues wagging and throats chuckling and guns blazing.

I speak of course of this morning’s big MV, the latest from the rapidly ascending BiSH. Ascending … perhaps toward the clouds? To a mythical realm where giants may dwell? MAYBE EVEN USING A BEANSTALK?! That’s right! How would these latest giant killers fare when pitted not against the thing they’re clearly out to slay, but against others of their ilk?

Happy Monday, ya jerks.

5 thoughts on “The Monday Match Game Asks You to Choose the Destructor

  1. Well, Jack is the OG giant killer so he would be experienced and a master swordsman among other skills he may have acquired through his battles which would give him the edge over many. However, a femme fatale squad of vengeful young ladies with a pent up rage fully fueled by homicidol 😉 tendencies instigated by an abusive sadistic oppressor is all you need to end the war.

    Plus, Gumi-chan looked way too calm blasting away a shotgun half the size of her entire body.

    Also, trigger happy Ayuni D.

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