The Literal Making of ANotheЯ

Zombie idols are all kinds of well and good. When you think about zombies as a meta-pop cultural thing, they can represent a whole lot of things — loss of self, relentless danger, apocalypse — and so are excellent vehicles for commentary. The whole being-eaten thing is scary on its own, you know? A skilled storyteller can take all of that in just about any direction you might like. So, applied to idol, you face a mess of possibilities, from mirroring wota back at themselves, to the transition from person to performer to idol, to the reduction of self to a mindless automaton.

Or maybe you’re just into the idea of literal living dead idols! It’s not like Dual Eye hasn’t gone in this direction before!

Anyway, ANotheЯ may have started off as just Luna doing surprisingly competent solo work, but the plan was always to have her a) shuffle through the streets of Tokyo at night and b) devour the living flesh of other girls so that c) at least some of them, rather than just being food, would become new members of ANotheЯ. It’s a pretty straightforward process!

We’d had occasion to see the results once before; today was the day to get into the creation of #3:

So thus are officially added Hikari and Semi. Here they are, at last as a trio, in action:

And there are still allegedly two additional shambling zombie members yet to come! Fantastic.