The Latest Planck Stars Monkey Business

Out with the old, in with the new. That’s what spring cleaning is all about. But let’s be real, nobody actually does the cleaning in spring, you keep putting it off because “eh I can do it tomorrow” until you realise it’s getting to 30 celsius and you have roaches everywhere. That’s not relateable? Oh. Well… Planck Stars have a new song and two new members and one of them is literally a monkey. Think about THAT instead.

To preface, this is all hot off the heels of the graduation of longstanding member Richan! She’s more than likely moving to Tokyo and has some big plans that we’ll probably see more of in the future. This isn’t the end of Richan, but hopefully now that she’s not an idol anymore she’ll be able to do all of those things she couldn’t do before. Like sleep with her fans.

…She did that already? Oh yeah, Planck Stars have no rules for conduct and she ended up going home with a guy after the members were made to spend the night homeless as part of a punishment game.

Hey, that guy is kinda cute. He’s free to message the author of this article anytime too.

Anyway, before Richan’s final performance, the music video for the new Planck Stars single “Soiyassa! Hayashi-kun” dropped with those naughty bohemian kid idols getting up to antics at the beach.

Kan Nyan chugging booze, Rairai being a tease, Koharu looking stylish and Mori getting smacked with a baseball bat. We all have that one friend who always gets hit with a baseball bat.

So, how do you replace a member as iconic as Richan? With two of course! And one of them is a monkey because why wouldn’t it be.

Nihon Zaru, or Zarurun for short, (right) and Emma! Emma is having a birthday performance literally tomorrow, and unfortunately Zarurun will not be attending on account of taking a hiatus from the group due to poor dancing skills.

Zarurun, we hardly knew ye. And thank god because this does seem a little like animal cruelty. Please do not bring the monkey on stage again.

Well, that’s what you missed with Planck Stars! Oh, and Richan got a graduation solo single too.

If you ever miss Richan, you’ll be able to listen to her husky, autotuned gremlin voice anytime you want! So be sure to miss her a lot and stream it, they need the money. Renting a monkey for a day isn’t cheap.


3 thoughts on “The Latest Planck Stars Monkey Business

  1. Thanks so much for such an entertaining and hilarious post. You have made my day. I am still waiting to find out where in London they are playing on 26th Jan next year (although the speed things move with them that is a long time for anything to happen – and will the Monkey make it through quarantine in time 🙂 ;-)).
    Do you know what venue in London they are performing at please ? Thanks 🙂

    • They have solicited help from willing locals in booking a venue for London and LA, so it appears Planck Stars picked their tour dates before actually firming up any place to play. So don’t be surprised if they just end up playing on a street corner, although that would still be an awesome show.

      • Cheers 🙂 I guess I shall have to roam the streets of London on that day and evening until I find them :-). With any luck they might end up doing as HTT did in the K-On! Movie….. ie end up accidently playing in a Japanese restaurant in London, then on the South Bank of the River Thames 🙂

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