The Horoscope You Need Today Is Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s

Hey, who all’s having a rough morning? I bet pretty much everybody! What a long night.

There is good news! Actually, there’s a lot of it, because while idol felt it like it was holding its breath yesterday (well, everywhere that isn’t Kamen Joshi HQ), today’s just full of new stuff. And chiefly among that new stuff is Yanamyu with their first MV, for the song “Horoscope” off of their soon-to-release new Sealing EP:

I love when idols pull in guitar moves from Sparta’s Porcelain album.

Beautiful. Simple. Understated. Perfect.

The Sealing EP will be available for free download from Ototoy for a two-week span beginning on Saturday. I recommend that you look into that.

3 thoughts on “The Horoscope You Need Today Is Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s

  1. They really do deserve more recognition then they get, think they are still firmly under the radar for most people. there last EP was top notch and I’m hoping the new EP will add even more great song’s to their repertoire!

  2. This group is quickly becoming one of, if not my favorite, groups I’ve found through this community. Get me a show with YSM, The Get Up Kids, Mineral, or Cursive. Heck, even with some of the new-age Emo stuff. The songwriting is so good.

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