The Homicidols Interview with Isiliel: Part 2

We had the opportunity to sit down with Himari Tsukishiro for an in-depth interview a couple of months ago about her current solo project, Isiliel. We had such a good, long talk that there was too much material for a single video. We published Part One of our conversation back in August, and are now ready to bring your Part Two.

In our continuing conversation, Himari talks about her process and inspiration for composing Isiliel’s lyrics, her work as a stage actress in The Makai, and her experience working with legendary producer Fredrik Nordström. She also answers more questions from her fans here on Homicidols who wanted to know about everything, from her greatest inspirations to her favorite brand of lipstick.

Check it out!

Himari is currently back in the US on the final leg of Isiliel’s Moonbow Rising world tour.  She performed at Northwest Idol Fest over the weekend. More late October appearances will be announced soon. Her next scheduled performance is in San Francisco on November 3rd.

And if you somehow missed it, here is part one of our interview with Himari: