The Hits Keep Coming: Aina the End out with Throat Surgery

Sure, world, why not just starting pissing directly into my breakfast?

So: Aina, she of the voice made of smoked honey wine, should probably stick to keeping the honey in her tea for a little while; like DEEP GIRL’s Mashiro, she needs surgery to have nodules removed from her vocal chords.

There’s more info if you click through on the link, but this is no big deal in the end (ha). They’re going to have a special free live on Dec. 1, fittingly called In the End because everybody likes puns, and then it’s under the knife two days later and Aina and BiSH will see your ass next year for the NEVERMiND tour.

Do you want to hear something messed up, though? Adele (this Adele) had surgery to remove nodules a few years ago and was excited to find afterwards that her range (yes, Adele’s range) actually grew by a couple of notes.

So maybe this is actually unfair and will now drive poor MAINA to ridiculous lengths to keep up in this bare-knuckle brawl of a rivalry that I manufactured completely out of thin air for laughs.

Go send Aina supportive messages. If you’re all IDOLed up, she might even think it’s for her and be extra-super touched!

6 thoughts on “The Hits Keep Coming: Aina the End out with Throat Surgery

  1. Hate to say it but I’m not surprised, she always sounded like she was going to blow out her voice. Not as bad as some people (Rei, Gusodrop), but you could see the signs.

  2. It’s slightly worrisome, but not that much, seeing as you are providing pretty hopeful information.

    I hope for a fast recovery!

  3. Espero que la cirugía sea un éxito para que ella vuelva lo más pronto posible a los escenarios… Supongo que tendrá que variar su técnica vocal, pero lo que me gusta de ella es su timbre. [besides she´s beautiful] GL Aina!!!

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