The (Great) New PassCode Song Is after the Old-new PassCode Songs

I like to tease PassCode, mostly because I really like them, and good-natured ribbing of one’s nearest-or-at-least-dearest is a time-honored tradition. How many hours of raw enjoyment did I wring out of their first two albums and accompanying singles, and how formative were they in my more natal Maniac period? Much, is the answer. So yes, I made fun of Locus a little bit, only to reverse course and decide that yeah, it’s probably going to be hot, and … well, the fuller trailer’s here, showing off those re-recordings with far more gusto, and if you skip toward the last 30 or so seconds …

New song! “PARALLEL” sounds like it’s going to fit into that segment of later PassCode that mostly dispenses with the niceties and just aims to lay waste to wota ears. I want the whole thing, and I’m going on record as now basically begging for an MV, one more along the lines of “Never Sleep Again” and its snapshot of that blood-shower party from Blade.