The Future of the Idol World is in YOUR Hands

Remember that online WACK audition where anybody from any country of any gender could participate on Twitter? The chaotic mixture of WACK fans, girls from previous streamed auditions and children who should really have their internet usage monitored by their parents? Great news! It’s reached a mass voting stage so YOU, the reader, can be more involved than ever!

If you haven’t been following things, each week Watanabe himself sets a new challenge (referred to as Challenchins, a pun on “challenge” and a certain Japanese word for penis) for auditionees to complete. It started out from writing a short promo tweet to posting a selfie to making a PR video. The latest challenges have all been videos, with the latest being “insult BiS”. Results have ranged from “BiS are stupid” to “Neo Trees seems like she doesn’t pay her taxes”.

Like every audition, notable contestants have also dropped out. For instance, Sex Summer Uika from this year’s WACK AUDiTiON CAMP just outright stopped posting in the middle of things. During this time, a lot of people have lost their jobs and their money. And now, we’ve lost our sex too.

Over the past few weeks, the more serious aspect has arisen with WACK sending out emails to auditionees asking them for certain information and the rights to publish their pictures and tweets online. As it turns out, that was for the sake of building a voting website with every contestant on.

The rules are as follows: only the top 50 will go on to the next stage but at least 10 auditionees of each gender are guaranteed. So, say if 49 women and 1 man pass, the results will be adjusted so the top 10 men will be chosen along with 40 women. Which is also probably exactly how things are going to turn out given that the current first place male contestant has around 140 votes and the first place female contestant has over 1600. Voting lasts until the 3rd of next month.

The rules also state, and have been so for a while, that auditionees can’t use their Twitter accounts unless instructed to, such as for posting a video. We’ve confirmed with several native speakers who read the rules that yes, this includes your personal accounts and not just your audition ones. Of course if anybody chooses to obey this rule is entirely up to them but you know, fair warning in case you get disqualified. This is an actual competition with actual rules after all.

The website is a randomly generated stack of cards so who you’ll see each time is completely random! It’s fair so that everyone has an equal chance (with absolutely no vote fixing at all, surely) but it’s also kind of difficult if you want to find somebody specific to toss a vote at. But luckily, the team here at Homicidols have a finely curated, not at all nepotistic propaganda, list of contestants both from Japan and the world that we think you’ll definitely want to vote for.

So strap in, it’s time to get to know your future favourite idol with some short biography translations. Clicking their name will take you to their voting page with a selection of their tweets too.

#1: Reb Nineprince

Reb from WACKchin
“I’m Reb. Music is my absolute favourite thing in life. I love to sing, play guitar, ukulele and piano. I also love to write songs, but right now I can’t write Japanese lyrics. My charm point is that I can speak Japanese, but I make a lot of mistakes, but it can’t be helped, so it’s kind of cute, right? I wanna show people that WACK can CHANGE the WORLD.”

Why we like her: If you’re active in WACK’s English Twitter fanbase, you’ll probably have seen Reb’s ukulele covers of songs before. Her singing voice is very airy and light with amazing Japanese comprehension to boot too. You’ve also probably seen her in a few photos a certain somebody posted when he decided to visit London in December, so hey, talent recognises talent.

#2: Jiyuu

Jiyuu from WACKchin
“I’m Jiyuu Sora from Taiwan. My Japanese is still a little rusty, so thank you for your patience and nice to meet you. I’ve always loved bands, and i’m also in charge of vocals. My dream is self-fulfilment, with a lifelong goal of being able to live freely.  I want to be able to convey feelings of love and humanity – People’s hearts and music are what I love the most. I also like things that touch my heart. I’m truly passionate about WACK, so I want to be able to create something new with their image. I’ll do my best. Thank you very much.”

Why we like her: Jiyuu is a truly kind and talented person who’s shown throughout the competition that she really can do everything an idol should and more. Her voice is soft spoken but her singing has a lot of heart behind it. Also every idol group needs a glasses member right? She has to wear really strong glasses, that’s the equivalent of two glasses members.

#3: Bisko (Impossible Maika)

Impossible Maika from WACKchin

“I was a participant in the 2020 WACK AUDiTiON CAMP. This is an audition that’s different from before, so it’s kinda confusing, but I didn’t wanna waste the opportunity. So here I am participating.”

Why we like her: As she mentioned before, Bisko attended this year’s Audition Camp under the name “Impossible Maika”. She was a fan favourite during things and became close to a contestant who debuted in WAgg under the name “You dot com”. She’s been able to showcase so much and she’s clearly talented so yes, she should absolutely be an idol.

#4: Guropanako

Guropanako from WACKchin

“Nice to meet you, it’s Guropanako here. I’m from the UK. I wanna become an idol that makes people smile a lot. Also I want money. I have a childish sense of humor but i’m very serious about work. Sorry for those nude pictures I posted (I deleted the tweets!). My Japanese is shitty, but i’m still learning. I like Jun Togawa, Yukio Mishima and WACK. Let’s CHANGE the WORLD! Thank you very much!”

Why we like them: In our staff member Papermaiden’s own words, “they have the right brand of “fuck off” for WACK”. Guropanako has been serving candid comedy throughout the whole audition but with a clear drive to do something great. He’s also a great idol journalist who’s brain is so massive he can levitate and totally did not write this himself.

#5: Mirror

Mirror from WACKchin

“I’m French. I can understand easily if you speak English. I really love music from Japan, singing and dancing. I’m a member of an idol cover group, so I really like to be able to stand on stage.”

Why we like her: Mirror is somebody that really has both beauty and talent. If you’ve seen her in her idol cover group you’ll know that her dancing skills are no joke. WACK is a group that’s managed to spread to every corner of the globe, so why not celebrate somebody who’s been celebrating WACK and idols at large for a while now? It’s what we do here on this blog.

#6: Hinata Undead (Monster Idol)

Hinata from WACKchin

“It’s Hinata. Once again I have decided to participate in an audition. I don’t want to regret anything so i’ll do my best to finish things to the very end. This will be my 10th time, so I definitely want to pass. Thank you for your support and nice to meet you.”

Why we like her: If you’ve been following MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN from their inception on prime time TV, you might recognise Hinata from that. Or if you watched this year’s broadcast audition, you might recognise her again where she appeared under the name “Monster Idol”. She was difficult to work with and admitted that she didn’t show any personal growth and even got into a small verbal altercation with Watanabe. Does somebody like this deserve to be an idol? Regardless of the answer to that, at the very least, nobody can say she isn’t entertaining.

#7: Jyaabaa Jazzuchi

Jyaabaa from WACKchin

“During my childhood, my mom raised me by herself. Every day after middle and high school, i’d work a part-time job. I might be a foreigner, but I fully intend to pursue a future career in Japan. I’d like to be a producer and a professional seamstress. But first? I’d like to become a strong idol to learn the ropes of the entertainment world. Recently, I created a fashion brand called “I don’t know”. Why? Because I don’t know what kind of clothing I want to make. Thank you and it’s nice to meet you!”

Why we like her: Other than the fact she also likes visual kei making her automatically cool, Jyaabaa has proven that she has an iron will when it comes to her aspirations. Do you think anything is going to stop her from getting to Japan? Certainly not! So let’s give her a helping push to get there.


Seven from WACKchin

“Nice to meet you. Good evening. I’m SEVEN. My motto is “Always do what’s best”. What I like is watching WACK’s lives and also sleeping. My special skill is i’ll always remember whatever I see. My hobbies are singing, bowling and karaoke. I’ll keep doing as best as I can until it kills me. Thank you all very much for your support.”

Why we like her: Have you ever met your friend’s child and thought “well what a well spoken and kind young lady”? That’s SEVEN but without her being related to anybody any of us actually know. She has a bright smile and a soft spoken voice but with a drive to do whatever it takes to succeed, so she’ll surely be a joy to watch on stage.

#9: KiRi-KiNGDOM

KiRi from WACKchin

“I wanna be the first male member of WACK and show you a kind of WACK you’ve never seen! There’s no point if it’s not WACK. Absolutely, WACK is awesome!! Please consider supporting me!”

Why we like him: He’s really handsome. Like really handsome. Also his enthusiasm is so powerful you can practically feel it even from that introduction. Remember, the goal is to create a co-ed idol group and if any man would be entertaining to watch on stage, he would definitely be that man.

So that concludes our Homicidols list of WACKchin contestants we think are worth your time! Why is it 9 instead of 10? Because the author is bad at Japanese and translated all of those profiles individually and it’s 3am. You can also click here to go to the website yourself and maybe you’ll find somebody you’ll wanna vote for without our incredibly pushy, incredibly correct guidance.

Project WACKchin’s eventual goal is an idol group formation at the end of Corona. So if you’re a contestant who’s Japanese is a little rusty, you have plenty of time to catch up.