The Friday Fun That Makes You Wake up Screaming

How is it Friday already? I could have sworn it was only Wednesday. Oh well, let’s get on with it. Last week I wanted to see your beautiful T-shirt designs! Here’s some of the best ones.

It’s my favourite time of year again, good old Halloween! Now, you should already know by now to have “SAMHAIN” on repeat until November, but is that really enough idol spooks? Of course not, it’s Homicidols! So, we’re bringing back an old favourite for you all, partly because I’m lazy, partly because, it went so well the past couple of times, might as well make it tradition.

Remember #IdolNightmares? Well, let’s do that again. Time to tweet us your horrifying idol picture edits, unnerving out of context photos, spooky scenarios and maybe the odd Halloween costume or two. Have a wonderful Halloween, eat plenty of sweets (or don’t, if you’ve got health issues preventing you), I’ll see you next week provided I haven’t overdosed on leftover Halloween sugar!