The Friday Fun Is Redefining Binge-watching with Idol TV

I’m actually writing this one immediately after last week’s Friday Fun post, so I have no idea if you guys actually joined in with the #IdolCoversIdLikeToSee fun, but since you usually deliver, I’m going to congratulate you anyway! Good job everyone!

I can hear the groaning coming a mile away; “Oh boo, here goes Kerrie with her Hello! Project rambling again, kick her off the site already.” Yes, this is another Friday Fun inspired by Hello! Project. When you’re a fan of both alt-idol and more traditional idols, sometimes you see certain groups or companies doing one thing and wonder “what would happen if ____ did that too?”

I’ve ranted many times on Twitter about how I want to see WACK become the HelloPro of alt-idol, with shuffle units (A MoMo unit with BiS’ Momoland and BiSH’s Momogumi, anyone?), big joint events, the whole shebang (and to be fair, last month’s WACK Expo was like a smaller version of what I had in mind).

But anyway, the one thing I’m highlighting this week is magazine shows. You see, Hello! Project (and Up-Front in general) actually have a few Youtube shows highlighting news and events within the company. Said shows preview music videos, give announcements, behind the scenes footage and even a few variety show elements. The most notable of these is Hello! Project Station:

They highlight all the current Hello! Project idols and what they’re up to, two girls are chosen to host and banter each week, interviews and even a segment showing you how their hairstyles are done. Another good one is Girls Night Out, a cute series of just the girls of Up-Front going on trips, talking about their hobbies, just having a good time in general.

What I want you to do with this unwanted Hello! Project knowledge is apply it to other idols. WACK Station. Codomomental Station. What would happen and what footage would you get from an alt-idol magazine show like Hello! Project Station or Girls Night Out? Tweet at #AltIdolNewsShow and we’ll get some laughs out of it.

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