The Friday Fun Is a Great What If

Kerrie was having trouble logging in, gang, so she asked me to post on her behalf. It’s Kerrie, if you couldn’t tell. Go buy something from her.

Well, last week’s Friday blew up in ways I didn’t expect. Lots of people took part, and it somehow even made its way to Guso Drop themselves! Boss!Rei got some amusement from browsing the tag, the smile goddess herself Yurapiko has been hashtagging her selfies as #YuraSmile. Good job everyone! You got us noticed!

I was a little bit unsure how to follow up a Funday as successful as #YuraSmile, but then one of our regulars, @SalemBlack4Ever was kind enough to suggest something.

Well, I couldn’t resist. The annual Europe (and Australia)-wide karaoke battle where the results are in no way determined by politics whatsoever brings joy to many people’s lives. You do get some legitimately good songs in there, but everyone also remembers the camp and silly side too. It sounds like the perfect event for idols to show up at!

So, this week, we want you to come up with scenarios that would happen if idols entered Eurovision!

And, for those of you who have no idea what Eurovision is, a Wikipedia Entry and some videos of my personal favourites:

Tweet us with the hashtag #IfIdolsDidEurovision and you know the rest!

One of my favorite things about Kerrie? She knows my super-secret IRL identity and still addresses me as “Maniac” in email and other notes.

4 thoughts on “The Friday Fun Is a Great What If

  1. Hmm super-secret IRL identity eh? Let’s see…

    “Homicidol Maniac” is an anagram of…

    “Ho! C, I’m Idol Maina, C!”

    OMG YOU GUYZ IT’S MAINA! Running the website and occasionally acknowledging our individual existences! Clearly I’m her favourite though.

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