The Friday Fun Is a Crystal Ball

Hi everyone! How was your Holidays? It was so hectic on my end that I almost forgot to write this week’s Fun!

On with last week’s festive fun!

I am so learning how to knit to make that bootleg Pour Lui sweater, try and stop me.

2017 is nearly over, the Best Of 2017 festivities have been wrapped up, and I’ve been looking forward to this Fun for over a year. Yeah, it’s an obvious rehash of #2017IdolPredictions and #StateOfIdol2020, but you know what? I love those prediction-themed Funs. We can get some really hilarious entries, and as it turns out, those kinds of fun bring in people from all ends of the idol fandom. It’s almost like a holiday family reunion of its own, if the Hello! Project and 48g fandoms were your aunt and uncle, Stardust and iDOL Street were your cousins, Showa idol fans were your grandparents and whatever non-Homicidol underground group fandom exists at the moment is your distant cousin’s new husband who’ll probably get cheated on once 2018 hits. Of course I’m going to make this an annual thing!

So, let’s take a look at some of last year’s predictions that did actually come true! (Or as close to true as most of these insane theories can actually get)

(As long as you’re ANGERME or Tsubaki Factory anyway)
(Literally for one single but still counts)

An even dirtier word thanks to the likes of Tokyo Girls! Thanks BBC!

(YES. RIP C-ute, Pottya, FruPoche, Guso Drop, Especia etc.)

(I mean, that Teddyloid collab happened?)

Congratulations Kiwi, you won 2017! (Take a look at the rest of last years predictions too, there were some great ones)

Do I really need to explain more? Predict what is going to happen in the world of idol in 2018 using the hashtag #2018IdolPredictions and let’s enjoy this big idol family reunion!