The Erisu Saga Soldiers On

If you’ve been following Italian multinational unit Erisu like all good children do, then you not only are aware of their release history, but also the long narrative playing out in their work, and the somewhat more digestible version that comes through in their videos. As a person who loves himself both concept albums and deep commitments to a backstory (see: GWAR), I gleefully absorbed yesterday’s most recent installment:

I’ve been on a real bent of occult rock over the past month, and I have Erisu bias anyway, but I really wish I could get this in a deluxe edition vinyl and play it to scare the neighborhood kids on Halloween. I love this kind of murky, mysterious, your-soul-may-be-scarred-just-by-being-aware-of-it sound. I love the extra instrumentals that add atmosphere over the drone. I love the vocals sounding like some twisted liturgy. And … correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t those subtitles in Enochian?

Anyway, more good work, but released literally a day after:

But Erisu’s still going, and I kind of can’t wait to see where they take this journey next.