The Entirety of Babymetal’s Wembley Show Is Online

I remember the day when heavy metal idols went to London and played a venue that most English bands only dream of making it to. DaeMetal’s report was a great view from the fan’s side, and now here’s a chance to see the show for yourself.

Babymetal. Wembley Arena. Pro-shot broadcast on Japanese TV. Enjoy.

Retrieved via Xanthon’s epic video site; visit for the finale!

7 thoughts on “The Entirety of Babymetal’s Wembley Show Is Online

  1. shame it didn’t sound like that when I was actually there. the audio was terrible at the sse arena could hardly hear the guitars the bass was way to loud then disappeared entirely, su’s mic was turnt up and down through out the night and moi moi were virtually inaudible for the entire show. the sound engineers should have been shot for that gig, I managed to enjoy myself none the less but the sound was better at download and reading which is saying something, considering they basically had like half hour to sound check and prepare before each gig and the sse they had the whole day and still got it so wrong.

  2. All art, no science. Professional sound-staging sucks in general. Build for capacity, not acoustics. Meh. One meter between bliss and blah. I was able to tweak the audio on this for my admittedly douchy preferences.

    OTH, Red Night Budokan overall, sounds better to my ears than many tracks on either BM album (but no better than other live-metal standards) cultural audio preconceptions, maybe?

    I can and usually do tweak audio stuff to my own liking. Presets,earbuds, built-in Spkrs, bluetooth anything have always been disappointing in my experience…

    good find. Too much chaff out there, ATM.

  3. (Addendum)

    All art, no science. Professional sound-staging sucks TO DO in general. (been there, done that)

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